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Diploma in Strategic Managment

DSM | GradXs Global Education


This is a strategic management diploma meant for the value addition of working executives and those who aspire to become management professionals. This Program can be completed online from any location in the world. The entire program requirement compliances and learning by the students are done at GradXs portal. The peer learning, discussions, interactions with global mentors, interactions with his/her own Program Mentor, and assessments too are coordinated through the GradXs portal.

Eligibility: Working Professionals / Preferably a graduate in any discipline / Higher Secondary

Duration: Minimum 6 months to 1 year

Program Requirements & Credit:

Total Credits: 40 Credits -- US Pattern

The credit distribution and semester divisions of the above modules may be different to suit the requirements of the validating partner universities in accordance with their respective credit system & nomenclature of the modules (if this program is validated by some institutions or universities).

Final Certification: 
Upon successful completion, the students will be awarded a NABET Accredited DSM certificate from GradXs Global Education, a Global Centre for Independent Research.

Fee Details:

Application Fee
USD 50
For application processing.

Total Program Fee
USD 600
Payable in installments. Installment plan can be chosen from multiple flexible payment plans while applying.

Assessment Fee
USD 50
Payable in installments together with the Program Fee installments.

Total Fee
USD 700

Note: Payments shall be accepted only via Bank Transfer. The necessary bank charges should be borne by the student.


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